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🎲 Exciting News! 🎲

We’ve got an exciting update to share with you all about our travel-sized game project. 🌍

Initially, we were all set to launch our game on Amazon, having sourced all the materials from Alibaba – boxes, chips, player pieces, and the game board. However, there was a little hiccup. The game mats, made of PVC material, were lightweight and foldable, which was great for shipping costs, but the quality wasn’t quite up to our standards. When you fold them, those pesky creases stick, and we knew players might not be thrilled about that in their reviews.

So, we decided to take action! We’ve ordered the same-sized game mats made of neoprene (you know, that awesome mouse pad material), and they look fantastic. They should be here in a couple of weeks, and we’re stoked about it.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. We’ve got a thousand PVC mats on our hands, and we’re thinking of a couple of options. Should we create a print-and-play version, giving one away for free if you print off the chips? Or should we go for a free demo version for a small $5 fee where we’ll have to make the chips out of cardboard (yes, a bit labor-intensive)?

We’re also considering sharing the files for players to make their own chips. What do you all think? We’ve created a Facebook and Instagram ad offering the demo copy for $5. Or, if you subscribe to our website, you’ll get a coupon code that makes it free.

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